What we are…

Mastermind Worldwide focuses on unleashing minds to reach full potential through personal growth, organized knowledge and accountability.
Mastermind Worldwide groups act as sounding boards, or “Think Tanks”, for key decision-makers, so that they can achieve success in their business and personal lives.

What we are not…

Mastermind Worldwide is not a networking/referral organization.

How does it work?

Mastermind Worldwide forms groups of 5-7 individuals that meet on a weekly basis.

Each group is run by a professionally-trained facilitator.

New members are chosen for their decision-making status, personality, drive to succeed and transparency.

Successful groups serve as powerful think tanks, sounding boards, accountability partners, and group coaching outlets.

Members who have successfully incorporated a Mastermind Worldwide group into their lives have seen amazing growth in their businesses.

If you answer YES to more than one of the following questions, then Mastermind Worldwide is just what you need:

  • Are you a business owner or key decision-maker?
  • Do you have goals you haven’t yet achieved?
  • Are you open to having others help you succeed?
  • Are you interested in unlocking your potential?

What else do you get with membership?

  • Annual retreats
  • Periodic training
  • Personality testing
  • Dedicated professional meeting space
  • An organization that will stop at nothing to see you succeed