Name: Kerry Stiles

Company: DSI


Tell us a little bit about your business.           

Printing and Promotional Products

Where do you see yourself in 10-years?        

I am 60, assuming I am still alive, I’ll probably be retired but busy completing my bucket list along with church activities, music, acting, and family.

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What do you love most about what you do? 

Relationships and helping people, and yes money.

Why is accountability important in your business?    

It’s important for me to do my best in every area.

How has mindset been responsible for your success?           

A must to be focused, “alive”, positive, pro-active. If not, competition can and sometimes will take over.

How has personal growth helped you?          

Maturity helps you see beyond the trees to the forest for the ultimate goal.

What do you do when you need help in your business?       

Ask fellow employees and friends/mentors. I have surrounded myself with great people and am not hesitant or embarrassed to ask for help.

Why should professionals have others to bounce ideas off of?        

No one knows all the answers, styles, approaches or strategies.

What would you tell a person who is struggling with their business?         

Pray, ask others for help, get back to basics.

How do you define “full potential”?             

When you are working solidly, steadily and making progress not perfection, in all areas of your life, not just at work.

If readers would to contact you, what is the best way to make that happen?

Email me at kstiles(at) or call 615-506-1375

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