Name: Kim St. Pierre

Business: Heartland Payment Systems


Tell us a little bit about your business.

I am a full merchant service and payroll provider who provides credit card processing at “true cost ” no surcharges. Endorsed by over 250 Associations including National Restaurant Association. I help businesses become more successful.

Kim St. PierreWhere do you see yourself in 10-years?

Hopefully in 10 years I will be semi-retired. Maybe not working as many hours. Enjoying life.

What do you love most about what you do?

Helping small and medium business owners become more successful and profitable while offering additional ways to streamline and grow their business. Knowing I am helping to create more jobs and local business owners within my community.

Why is accountability important in your business?

Accountability is very important in my business because some processors have hidden costs,  non disclosed agreements, and deceptive practices, which can and do hurt a business owner if they aren’t fully aware of their rights. We are an advocate for the Merchants Bill of Rights. Fully disclosed company. Integrity and accountability is crucial to me and to my business.

How has mindset been responsible for your success?

Mindset has been crucial to my success because I believe people want honesty, integrity and positive people they can trust. I treat each business owner with respect and like it was my own business. I build relationships which take time, not accounts.

How has personal growth helped you?

Personal growth has helped me, because each day is different in this industry, new products, new laws and constant change. You need to be able to be flexible and respectful and always look at ways to think outside of the box. Personal growth is believing in who you are and the confidence and ability to share knowledge with others.

What do you do when you need help in your business?

Ask questions and surround myself with people who know more than I do. Develop many avenues for knowledge both internally and externally. Everyday there is a new question, if I don’t know the answer I will be honest and let my merchants know we can find an answer together.

Why should professionals have others to bounce ideas off of?

Professionals should have others to bounce ideas off of because every situation can have many solutions. There is never always one answer or right way to do something. Two heads or more are always better than one.

What would you tell a person who is struggling with their business?

Find out first where they would like to go with their business. What was their inspiration or motivation?  What is their goal and what do they want to accomplish? More customers, higher retentions, increased visibility, profitability? First find out what works and their successes and find out what the problem or problems are so they can then make a game plan that tangibly measures their success.

How do you define “full potential”?

To me, full potential means that someone can recognize challenges and has the ability and determination to work at being their best, regardless of what others might think or say to discourage them.  They believe in themselves. They go to great lengths to find answers and become better each day. To be able to see the positives each day as well as the obstacles. Know what you’re good at and know what you might need help with. Nobody got to the top by themselves, they had help along the way.

To contact Kim about her services please call 207-570-2393 or visit

Heartland Payment Systems

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