Have you ever made a massive mistake in your business and wish you had known better? Ever wished you knew then what you know now? Of course, we’ve all been there.

photo credit: joncandy via photopin cc

photo credit: joncandy via photopin cc

Mastermind Worldwide is about stacking the deck in your favor. We do this by matching you up with four to six like-minded people, each with different backgrounds and experience. You’ll meet on a weekly basis, help each other avoid mistakes and blast through milestones, all under the helpful guidance of one of our professional facilitators.

Bottom line: we’re here to watch your six, your back, your blindside.

What do we ask in return? Be fully invested in your business/personal growth and the growth of your fellow group members. Together we will achieve amazing things.

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About Mitch Comstock

Mitch Comstock is the father of four boys, husband of one wife, and an entrepreneur spending most of his life working for himself. He is a technologically gifted communicator, meaning he knows stuff and can explain it to normal people. He is a seeker, a friend, a writer and a LinkedIn trainer. In 2005 he formed Legendary Computers a computer sales and service company in Franklin, Tennessee. He lives just south of Nashville, Tennessee and is always looking for ways to help others.

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